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Library Board Minutes

February 2020


Library Board Meeting

February 11, 2020

Meeting called to order by Dr. Paula Martin at 4:07 p.m.


Present:  Rita Ennen, Johnna Douthit, April Frank, Carol Kuether, Dr. Paula Martin, and Nikki Wolla.


Review of Minutes:  Motion to Approve by Carol and seconded by Johnna. Motion passed.


Approval of Expenditures:  Motion to approve by Johnna and seconded by Carol. Motion passed.


Financial Report:  Actual expenses for January were presented for review.  The 2019 year-end final report will be ready and presented at the March 10th meeting.


Director’s Report:

       ·         Working with city HR department on personnel issue

       ·         Bookmobile experienced an electrical malfunction in the garage on 2/10; Berger Electric was called in and repaired blown circuits

       ·         Winter reading programming in full swing

       ·         Staff and patrons embracing new library system and its expanded features

       ·         Rita will be out February 24- March 2nd at a conference

       ·         Demoing to two products: 1) Hoopla- a digital media service (to supplement the Overdrive service) with a transactional based fee platform

                  versus an upfront fee; 2) KitKeeper- $675/yr- utilize to organize book club kits, games, children’s kits


Unfinished Business:

       A.      Expansion Planning Update (Paula provided)

                       a.       Meeting was held regarding fundraising hosted by the Foundation

                                        i.      PACE Fundraising provided a presentation to perform fundraising services for a flat fee of $150,000 plus some other costs

                                       ii.      The Foundation will seek other fundraiser bids prior to making a final selection

                       b.       Additional Property

                                        i.      The purchase of the house on the corner across from the library is complete

                                       ii.      The Friends of the Library toured the house and did not feel it would be a suitable temporary location

                                      iii.      The Foundation will seek to rent the property until it is needed in the expansion plan

       B.      Bookmobile and School Services Librarian Position / Billings County Schools

                      a.       The position which was posted (10/8/19) on the City of Dickinson website still remains unfilled

                      b.       Rita has had conversations with the state librarian and would like approval from the board to eliminate one of the job criteria (LMO3 certification) to match all other current librarian positions in the hopes

                                of filling the position

                                        1.       Nikki made a motion to approve the elimination of the LMO3 certification requirement from the job posting and Carol seconded. Motion passed.

       C.      Security Lighting in the Community Room

                      a.       Berger Electric is waiting on a part to complete the addition of security lighting in the community room.

       D.      Security Camera Installation

                      a.       An additional security camera was added to eliminate a dead spot in the library and it is working well.

       E.       Library Director Evaluation- TABLED


New Business:

       A.      Lost or Damaged Items Policy

                      a.        Johnna made a motion to approve the Lost or Damaged Items Policy as presented and Carol seconded. Motion passed.

       B.      Board Member Term Limits

                      a.       The North Dakota Century Code limits the terms of board members to two (2), 3-year terms. 

                                        i.      Carol has served beyond the term limit; her service is greatly appreciated but she must leave the library board for a period of one year

                                       ii.      The open board position will be posted on the City of Dickinson website

       C.      Patron Concerns

                      a.       A persistent problem exists with parents not adhering to the age brackets for activities set by the library staff

                                        i.      The library staff set the age limits for activities based on the program materials, as well as the safety and enjoyment for the other participants

                                       ii.      The age requirements will continue to be enforced and are supported by the board; parents need to adhere to them- if a child is under the age bracket for an activity, they will be asked to leave

                      b.       Teen Lock-in Movies

                                        i.      Movies shown during the teen lock-in have a rating of PG13 or lower

                                       ii.      The teens in attendance select the movies to watch

                                      iii.      If a given teen does not agree with the content of a movie, they can voice their opinion during the selection process and/or participate in other activities instead of watching the movie


Next meeting March 10, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.


Motion to adjourn meeting made by April and seconded by Nikki.  Meeting adjourned 5:14 p.m.


Minutes submitted by April Frank.