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Library Board Minutes

May 2020


Library Board Meeting

May 19, 2020

Meeting called to order by Dr. Paula Martin at 4:01 p.m. (Meeting held via Zoom)


Present:  Rita Ennen, Johnna Douthit, April Frank, Brian Kopp, Diane Melbye, Dr. Paula Martin


Review of Minutes:  Motion to Approve by April and seconded by Brian. Motion passed.


Approval of Expenditures:  Motion to approve by Brian and seconded by April. Motion passed.


Financial Report:  Actual expenses for April were presented for review.  The budget versus actual through April report was provided.  Note expenses are

                             less in the benefits & salaries line items due to layoffs as well as other library operational line items due to the library being closed.


Director’s Report:

       ·         Staff is in the building doing collections work

       ·         As of today, 1,800 items are out to patrons (combination of books, audio, DVDS).


Unfinished/Old Business:

       A.      Expansion Planning Update

                      a.       Bartlett West is performing soil sampling

                      b.       Library Foundation Board decided to pause activities for 90 days in order for the new city commission to come on board

       B.      Security Lighting in the Community Room

                      a.       Installation complete and it is working well.  Staff is really pleased with it.

       C.      Library Director Evaluation

                      a.       No update.


New Business:

       A.      Phased Re-Opening Plans

                      a.       Currently in Phase 2; planning for Phase 3 as early as Tuesday, May 26th;  Phase 4 is targeting for June 1st as long as all other

                                phases go smoothly

                      b.       Only the West Plaza entrance will be open at this time; no evenings or weekend hours; M-F 8-5 pm

       B.      Staffing

                      a.       Lost 3 PT staff (experienced)- these positions will need to be filled before evening/weekend hours can be resumed

                      b.       Marc has been working on the Disaster Plan during the shut-down

       C.      Budget

                      a.       June 12th is the school board & city meeting and the plan is to ask for maintaining current levels

       D.      Summer Reading Program

                      a.       Jade has converted the program to 100% virtual this year; she created an 8 minute video

                      b.       Story times are on-going (streaming video)

                      c.       Welcome Art kit was created for age 11 & below containing crayons, tape, child scissor (this will accompany summer programming)

                      d.       Teens & STEM- weekly bags of materials for activities will be available for pickup

                      e.       Due to all the streaming programming Rita is looking into a video camera for the library

       E.       Friends of Library

                      a.       Paula attended meeting along with Foundation Board

                      b.       The central discussion point at the moment is the timing of vacating the house as well as a transition plan/ business plan going forward

                      c.       Tara (Friends of the Library President) wrote an e-mail expressing concerns about the discussion during the meeting and requested

                                clear expectations and boundaries to be articulated.

                      d.       Appreciation for the contributions and on-going support by the Friends of the Library was discussed and duly noted.

                      e.       A motion was made by Johnna for Rita & Paula to communicate back to the Friends of the Library board “Due to the current limited

                                staffing resources of the Library, before re-opening the Friends of the Library store “Twice Sold Tales” a 100% self-supporting plan

                                needs to be in place as the Library can no longer provide support and fulfill its mission to patrons.”  April seconded the motion. 

                                Motion passed.

       F.       Parting Board Gift

                      a.       Paula will pickup a gift certificate from all of us for Carol Kuether.

       G.      National Library Week

                      a.       National Library Week was April 19th-25th

                      b.       The board will recognize the Library staff in October this year

       H.      Patron Concerns- NONE



Next meeting June 9, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.


Motion to adjourn meeting made by Brian and seconded by Johnna.  Meeting adjourned 5:19 p.m.


Minutes submitted by April Frank.