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Welcome to the DPL Trivia Contest:



EmmPea  145.5 Pts

2) mensagirl  145 pts

3) GynoMite  137 pts

4) Kobe  125 pts

     Play trivia against other library patrons for fun, points, bragging rights, and maybe some swag!  Season 1 is long in the books and without any further delay, Season 2 is ready to start.  As in Season 1, each week will be themed.  However, the theme will be that all the questions each week will have come from the same book, which is in the library collection.  Week 2 will be an exception as that is Banned Book Week and all questions will be about banned books.  The tiebreaker each week will be the name and author of the book the questions came from, and a question you can only possibly answer if you look in the book. (except for Banned Book Week) So a refresher on the competition is below:


1) The competition will be broken up into seasons, with a champion named at the end of each season.  Season 2 will have one preseason week to practice.  Preseason is for practice only and is probably a tad harder than the season 2 quizzes will be but will give an idea of how the theme will work.  There will be 6 regular weeks to the season followed by a 2-week playoff.

2) Scoring will be based on a combination of your score on each week's quiz and bonus points awarded weekly to the top 5 finishers for that week.  Each question will be worth a maximum of 10 points.  Multiple-choice questions are worth the full 10 points.  Non-multiple choice questions are awarded points according to how close the answer is at the discretion of the quiz master.  There will be 15 questions each week.

3) Bonus points will be given to places 1 through 5 and then the results (not the answers) and point leaders will be posted on this page.  (Answers will be provided after the regular season has finished.)

4) Another change from Season 1 will be that each quiz will NOT be timed.  You may find the answers any way you choose, but the official answer will be the answer taken from that week's book.  For Banned Book Week, the correct answers are at the discretion of the quiz master.

5) There will be a tiebreaker question to break weekly ties but does not count toward any player's point total.  The tiebreaker question will have 2 parts to it. 

      a) The title of the book used. 

      b) The author or authors of the book used. 

6) If you figure out the book, you may request to see it at the circulation desk but may not check it out as it is checked out to the Quiz Master.  This is to make sure every participant has a chance to see or use the book if they choose.  This will only apply to the week of that book's quiz at which point it will be returned to circulation.  (Exception: The books used in the playoffs will NOT be made available at the circulation desk or for checkout.)

7) Each week's quiz will start at 9:01 am on the Monday of that week and close at 9:00 am the following Monday. 

8) Point leaders will be posted at some point after each week's close.  

9) Once the results are in, the week's quiz will be reopened so those just discovering the competition may still enter and get points for that week's quiz, however, they cannot get the bonus points already awarded to 1st through 5th.

10) At the end of week 6, all quizzes will be closed.  The top 16 participants will advance to the playoffs.  The playoff participants will be then divided into 4 groups based on their positions for the first week of the playoffs.  Position ties will be broken by the best performance on the tiebreaker questions combined. (example: 1st, 8th, 9th & 16th will be in group 1).  Rules for the playoff weeks will be the same as during the regular season (With the exception of the availability of that week's book).  The winners of the 4 playoff groups will advance to the Championship week.  Whoever wins that week is the Season 2 Champion.

     The second season is now entering the playoff stages!  The final 16 are the only people whose answers will count.  There is no carryover of points from the regular season so any of the 16 semi-finalists can still win this.  There also will be no carryover from the semi-finals to the finals.  Click on the playoff quiz link below to play.


(Each group winner (In Red) advances to the Final Round)

                         GROUP 1                  GROUP 2               GROUP 3               GROUP 4

                               1) mensagirl     112                    1) GynoMite    140                 1) EmmPea     103.5             1) Ashmsto20           58.5

                               2) O'Malley          98                   2) Boubicar 7  111                 2) BeeBop         92                2) Kobe                      72.5

                               3) Just Peyton     75                   3) Sparkler      DNP                3) monicorn      97                3) It's Trivial To Me  57

                               4) Lori Ann        DNP                   4) Keewaba       84                 4) Sarahsays    74                4) Instigator              DNP



If you have any questions, please refer them to the QUIZ MASTER




Season 1 started on Monday the 6th of September at 8:01 am. The results from Season 1 can be found on the link below.

Season 1 Final Results & Answers