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Library Board Minutes

November 2021

Dickinson Area Public Library Minutes

November 9, 2021

Paula called the meeting to order at 4:02 p.m.

Reading of the minutes:  Nikki made a motion to approve with changes.  Johnna seconded.  MSC

Approval of expenditures: 

There was a question about who had credit cards.  Anyone doing book ordering or has responsibility for programming (fulltime librarians) have credit cards.  Report shows standard items. 

Brian made a motion to approve expenditures.  Johnna seconded.  MSC

Financial report:  Actuals as of 10-31-21.  Right on track for the year.  Professional services included some work not expected.  Printing – new category, overspent.  Rita is pleased with the numbers at this time of year. 

Library Directors report: 

The daylong rain that occurred resulted in collapsed ceiling tiles in the community room.  No ductwork was damaged.  Roof repair shown in financial report was in regards to this repair.  No roof repairs have been done in a while.  Received a quote of $41,849 for the work that needs to be done on the roof.  Troy made a motion to spend the money and Brian seconded.  MSC.  Brian asked how the building repairs account gets funded.  Excess money can be spent from this account for repairs when needed. 

The November/December newsletter should be coming out within a week.  There was an issue with the till being short by $20 or more.  It could have been a combination of operator error and possibly some buttons pushed when cleaning the till.  They will be having some training on being more mindful and careful when putting money into the till. 

There has been great attendance at their programs.  More than 70 were at the 50th anniversary showing of Willie Wonka.  Lego club has had great attendance.

Unfinished business:

           A.    Tabled until the next meeting

           B.    Rita went through the budget items – revenue was discussed.  ½ cent sales tax was re-added to the library from the city for operations.  Revenue increase is 1.76%. 

                  Expenditures - started budgeting for overtime, which we haven’t had before.  It has happened a few times but only when absolutely necessary.

                  Projection for employees is a 4% increase.  Printing has been added for internal printing and public printing (paper, printer ink).  Need to be more

                  mindful of operating supplies and what is being spent there.  Dollars have decreased on what has been spent on books but are increasing for the

                  ebooks and related items. 

      Troy made a motion to approve the 2022 budget and Brian seconded.  MSC

New business:

           A.    Holiday hours – Friday, December 24th will be closed on that date and the 25th.  Troy made a motion to approve, Nikki seconded.  MSC.

           B.    Old fashioned Christmas – Foundation is working hard selling tickets.  The event is scheduled for December 3rd from 6-9 p.m.  Silent auction is

                  online as well as in person.  Will have a couple iPads there too for people to place bids.  Tickets have a QR code to scan that will go to the online

                  auction.  Will be doing a wine pull with donation to the foundation.

           C.    Holiday programming – Rita shared the November/December calendar.  Tweens has a great group of kids and is always growing.  Great

                  programming is upcoming.  There will be a 20th anniversary showing of Harry Potter.

                  Events they can use help with: 

                       ·       Old fashioned Christmas downtown stroll.  Kids can bring their letters to Santa and will get an individual response. 

                       ·       Grinchmas on December 11th – volunteers can come and help.  WhoVille themed if you want to wear costumes or come dressed for


                       ·       Noon-Years Eve with the balldrop at noon.  Let Rita know if anyone can help out.

           D.    Expansion funding update – Rita asked Stark County if they would match the donation from the city.  Rita will talk to them again before they make a

                  decision.  Linda Carlson spoke about how to ask for the money.  Linda will help Rita present again to the county commissioners. 

                  John Heinen is with the ND Community Foundation and will help us with some of the fundraising.  PACE originally gave a proposal but they have

                  dissolved.  Michael Overby, who was with PACE, has been fundraising in some parts of the state and there are state funds that may be available to

                  us.  Mandan’s library expansion received money from Energy Transfer Corporation so maybe we can get some funding from there.  Rita will be

                  communicating with the foundation and Friends.

           E.    Space needs analysis – Normally there is a break taken from programing where they can start planning their spring and summer events.  January –

                  minimal programming.  Rita asked if they could turn the community room into a huga room – Scandinavian thing, comfy cozy lounge-type

                  atmosphere room. They could make coffee available and put a couple lamps in the room also for sun therapy.  There would be games available or

                  reading areas to sit and relax. 

Patron concerns:

Librarians have shared concerns about patrons.  One mom complained the Tween time is not long enough but didn’t leave her contact info.

Reading buddies are downstairs and one is Clifford (Clifford is missing signs).  Clifford did return.  There was an incident with someone trying to download game cheats, which created virus issues on the children’s computers.  This child has been banned from the computers for three months.  If caught again, it will be a two-year ban.

Children’s storytime attendances have been down a bit.  There has been disruption at times by parents dropping their kids off and then visiting.  The point of the programs are for children learning and not babysitting.

Nikki made a motion to adjourn.  Troy seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 5:07 p.m.

Minutes were submitted by Johnna Douthit.